Monthly Archives: December 2014

From Zero to 50 Miles

By Danielle The following is a typical conversation I have when I tell someone I have run a 50 mile race. Person: You ran 50 miles? At one time?! IN ONE DAY?! Me: Yeah.. it really isn’t as hard as it sounds. Person: That’s crazy. I could NEVER do that. It really ISN’T as hard or […]

Off Season Training: Speedy Half-Marathon

By Sam IMWI was in September. Ironman Boulder training starts in January. This leaves 3 solid months for my “off-season”. SO WHAT TO DO WITH ALL OF MY TIME?! Well, first and foremost – I re-read all 7 Harry Potter books. Because that’s how I roll. Number two, I signed up for a January half-marathon […]

Ironman Wisconsin 2014 | Race Report

By Sam The Deets. Race: Ironman Wisconsin, IMWI, IMOO, or whatever you would like to call it Where: Madison, Wisconsin When: September 7, 2014 Splits: Swim – 1:12 Bike – 6:02 Run – 3:37 Total – 11:07 Course: Elevation gain (according to my Garmin) Bike – 4,480 ft Run – 650 ft Play by Play. […]

The North Face Endurance Challenge, Utah – 50 Mile Race Report

By Danielle The Deets. Where: Park City, Utah When: October 4, 2014 Distance: 50 Miles Elevation Gain: Unknown, my watch had 9-10k ft, I heard others had more. The course guide says over 13k. Course: Mostly single track with some dirt roads and some scree/rocky areas. Beautiful scenery. Garmin Data: Play by Play. The North Face […]