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Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur

By D After George Town, we had originally planned on going to the Cameron Highlands (which would have made sense geographically). However, due to the combination of Chinese New Year (which goes for like two weeks) and the fact that we were going to be there on a weekend and Cameron Highlands is a popular […]

Malaysia | George Town, Penang

By S This was the first audible of the trip. (Danielle edit: I watch football, and I didn’t know exactly what his “audible” reference meant. It means “a change of plans”).  Peninsular Malaysia was not on our original itinerary, but when we decided to head to Koh Tarutao we figured it would be easier to […]

Thailand | And that’s a wrap! (well, for now)

By S 22 days. Bangkok and the South of Thailand. We will be getting to North Thailand in a few months. Until then, here are our overall thoughts on the parts we saw. Places: Bangkok Koh Tao Surat Thani Khao Sok Krabi Tonsai Koh Lanta Koh Tarutao Key metrics: Number of massages: 3 (1 for […]

Thailand | Koh Tarutao

By D This was our last island in Thailand. Koh Tarutao is one of 51 islands (and by far the largest) in the Tarutao National Marine Park just off the southern coast of Thailand. Koh Lipe is the most famous island in the park and also the most commercialized. As I mentioned in the Koh […]

Do you like maps? We like maps. Look at our map.

A quick post to inform the masses (all 4 of you) of our new ‘Travels‘ section in the top ribbon of our blog. This section has a map with a more real-time view of our trip. As you have probably noticed, our blog posts are running anywhere from 7-10 days behind our physical presence. Below […]

Thailand | Koh Lanta

By S Picking which islands you want to visit in Thailand is difficult. Anybody who has traveled here will tell you that. There are just too many choices. As a result, a lot of the islands have stereotypes: Like diving? Go to Koh Tao! Like partying? Koh Phangan! Like partying (without psychedelic drugs)? Koh Phi […]

Thailand | Krabi & Ao Tonsai

By D We are combining the next two towns we visited. Krabi is a province along the Andaman coast (the southwest coast) of Thailand. Krabi Town (instead of Krabi Town it is referred to as Krabi) is the main city in the province and it is usually a jumping off point to other places (such […]

Thailand | Khao Sok National Park

By D Khao Sok is a huge national park in Thailand. From what we’ve gathered, a group of communist insurgents set up their headquarters in the caves of Khao Sok in the 1970s. Because of this, the area was protected from those who may have adversely impacted it (loggers, miners, etc.). Soon after their departure, […]