2015 Plans

By Sam & Danielle.

In our household we don’t typically do New Year’s resolutions, we are more of a “resolution-as-you-go” couple. So while we don’t have resolutions for 2015, we have some pretty big plans. In case it isn’t obvious, ‘D’ denotes Danielle’s activities, and ‘S’ denotes Sam’s activities.

In, roughly, chronological order:

  • D – Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge
    • Goal – Survive. Avoid injuries. Take some baller pictures.
  • S – Carlsbad Half-Marathon
    • Goal – 1:20
  • D – Half-Marathon (TBD)
    • Goal – 1:35
  • BOTH – Market to Market Relay – Iowa. We were hoping to run this relay with the rest of the Johnmeyer clan. Then this happened, so Momma & Brother Johnmeyer won’t be able to run. Still should be a good time though!
    • Goal – FAMILY TIME!
  • D – HITS Sprint Triathlon, Grand Junction
    • Goal – 1:30
  • S – HITS Half Triathlon, Grand Junction
    • Goal – 4:40
  • S – Ironman 70.3 Boulder
    • Goal – 4:30
  • S – Ironman Boulder
    • Goal – 9:40
  • D – Leadville 100 (depending on lottery results!)
    • Goal – TBD

D – I am also starting to work with a coach, Mike Aish, beginning this year. I’m SUPER excited about it (and somewhat terrified because I know he will push me out of my comfort zone). That being said, I’m going to throw everything I have at a few goal races and see what happens!


  • Iceland – We’ve been itching to visit Iceland since we had a layover there on our way to London in 2012. We are thinking two weeks in late summer/early fall and are looking for any and all recommendations. Have some? Let us know!
  • Colorado – We have lived in Colorado for almost three years now, but there is still an embarrassingly large number of places we have not yet visited in this state. Telluride is currently the highest priority. D would love to visit for Hardrock 100.


  • Sell our house! We bought our current place in March 2013. We are planning on selling this upcoming March. Turns out Highlands Ranch, CO isn’t a great fit for us. Also, yard work – not fun.
  • S – I’m two exams (I’ll receive results on one in two weeks) and eight modules away from achieving the first professional designation in the actuarial world. December sounds like a good time to get there.
  • D – Now that I’ve nearly completed all of the actuarial requirements for the final designation, I’m hoping to volunteer more. The current organizations I’m planning on getting involved in are Big Brothers Big Sisters and an animal shelter. Have any suggestions on awesome organizations?
  • D – My biggest goal for the year to not get injured again. I’m planning on continuing to increase the amount of time I spend weight training, swimming, biking, and doing yoga.


  • We had a lot of time to listen to some podcasts during our drive to Minnesota. Planet Money (which is a fun podcast in general) had an interesting one on Iceland.
  • And Serial. If you haven’t heard of it yet – well, #1 you’re even less hip than we are; and #2 LISTEN TO IT. Then get back to us and we can speculate together.


  1. dopey challenge … girl, you are crazy. in a good way. a friend won the tc looney challenge this year and in his blog, he has some good tips on how to pace the whole thing – http://iwannagetphysical.blogspot.com/2014/09/advice-for-loony-challenge-race-weekend.html

    danielle, it’s awesome you’re planning a tri – hopefully the cross-training helps cut down on injury! i also know first-hand that the aishes (aish’s?) are excited to have you on board.

    sam, we’ll be up at boulder again this year volunteering – hoping to finish line catch; either way, we’ll see you up there. 🙂

    iceland? SO COOL. as for the colorado thing … i was born here and i swear brandon’s seen more of the state than i have because of his job flying into random airports. western slope? i haven’t seen you (but will this year). that being said, brandon swears by the black canyon of the gunnison as highly underrated.


    1. Hey! It’s Danielle. I am crazy. Crazy because I haven’t trained nearly enough for Dopey. Thank you for that blog post! It was great because it discussed Dopey AND I wasn’t aware of the Loony Challenge. Might make for a good trip home!

      And that is so nice of you to say about the Aishes (?). I am terrified for the tri. Swimming is so hard! I went for 45 minutes tonight and managed some drills and 8 x 25 yds. I just can’t get the breathing down.

      I will be on cheering duty at Boulder, so I will for sure find wherever you are volunteering!!

      We will add Black Canyon to the list, thank you!


  2. Fun post, I love planning! The Dopey Challenge intrigues me…the only way I could get through it is to run the first two races as training runs. That in itself would be a challenge…..it’s not on my list, but it’s in the back of my mind! Love hearing about your race and training experiences, and yes I loved Serial, and listen to Planet Money regularly.


    1. Lynn, it’s Danielle. That is my plan.. super easy on the first two races and then walk/run (a page out of your book!) for the last two races. I will definitely do a recap so you can get a better idea if you are interested!

      Serial.. what do you think!? Who did it!?


      1. momwizard · ·

        I don’t think he did it, but talking to Daniel, he made me wonder again. There are so many loose ends! I want to know the results of the DNA! He just doesn’t sound like he did it….that’s lame I know, but he doesn’t.

        Dopey is 4 races? Oh boy….


  3. […] the above, I went into the race with goals of surviving, not getting injured, and taking awesome photos. I think this is the first race I […]


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