Training Updates (With Some Life Thrown In)

By Danielle

Update #1 – Our New Neighborhood ROCKS

This is just a quickie update. I am writing this blog post from the local coffee shop that is two blocks always from our house. SO. AWESOME. If you missed it, we moved a few weeks ago and are finally back in the Denver proper zip code. And I am loving the new neighborhood!!! I am so much happier than when we lived in ‘burbs. This just fits us better.


Bomb coffee shop a few blocks from the house!

Update #2 – This Girl Only Runs

The second thing I was to share with all my closer friends on the interwebz is that, after much consideration, I have decided not to do the sprint triathlon in May. I have been debating whether or not I should continue to train for this for weeks. It is VERY difficult for me to sign up for something and not complete it. And when I say complete it, I mean put everything into it and do the very best that I can. I don’t like to half-ass races.

I’ve cornered Sam many a time the past few weeks into discussing what he thinks I should do. The conversation usually ends with him saying something like, “this isn’t your goal race, I don’t know why you are stressing yourself out, just give it up and stop harassing me”. As a side note, I have no idea how you are supposed to do the grammar of a quotation like that. Where does the period go? What do you capitalize? I’m not going to look it up though, just judge grammar snobs (and send me a private message of how it should be so I don’t look so dumb in the future).

SO. I am. I’m going to give it up. Or maybe drop down to the Open, but I’m not sure if it’s just silly to rent a wetsuit to swim 100 meters. I just haven’t been happy trying to manage my busy season at work and training for Leadville Trail 100. I’m hoping this will give me more time to focus on stretching and yoga (to keep healthy for LT100!), cook more delicious healthy food (something I love to do but have been neglecting), and finish re-reading Harry Potter.

I would like to do a triathlon sometime, and I intend to continue to improving biking and swimming, but I’ve learned that I cannot be happy working out 7-8 times a week and working a lot.

Update #3 – Really, This Girl Only Runs

Seriously though. All I feel like I am doing is working and running. Which I am totally fine with for the next few months. It has been an adjustment, though, since I have never before been a high mileage runner.

Mike has been having me slowly build my mileage throughout the last three months. I’m not quite as diligent as Sam when it comes to analyzing all my workouts. After all, I think that’s the point of having a coach! I mean, I definitely log them all, but I haven’t really been analyzing them. Especially for something like LT100, since it’s uncharted territory. Now, if I was training to race a marathon, that would be a whole different ball game.

Anyways, the week usually breaks down to this for me:

Monday: rest (or cycle)
Tuesday: medium distance easy run
Wednesday: hard workout (tempo, hills, etc.)
Thursday: medium distance easy run
Friday: rest (or yoga)
Saturday: long trail run
Sunday: slightly shorter long trail (or road) run

Trail running really isn't a bad way to spend your weekends.

Trail running really isn’t a bad way to spend your weekends.

Right now, 4 months out from the race, I’m doing between 50-60 miles a week. THAT IS SO MANY MILES FOR ME. Seriously, I think I’ve already hit my most-miles-in-a-week-ever. Including the two weeks I ran my 50 mile trail races! But my body is responding pretty well, so I’m happy! And a little scared for what else Mike has in store.. I’ll keep you posted.


  • Sam and I try to be environmentally conscious, but we could always do more. I really enjoyed reading this blog this week, and I am definitely going to try to implement some of her tips.
  • An interesting read for someone obsessed with LT100. Ahem, me.
  • I went to North Carolina this past weekend to visit with three of my favorite ladies in the world. Carrboro is such a neat little town. I would definitely visit again.. especially with these three.


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