By S Each place we visit, I find myself trying to summarize it in a few words. Mulu: caves. Cameron Highlands: tea, strawberries, hiking. Siem Reap: Angkor Wat, tuk tuk. Ho Chi Minh City: vibrant, coffee, motorbikes. I think this is a pretty normal human action. This is why stereotypes exist, right? We like to […]

By D I was a bit apprehensive about going to Vietnam. I had heard some great things about the country, but I also heard some mediocre things. “They will try to scam you at every turn.” “Some of the older generation dislike people from the USA.” And after having been there? Well, yeah, maybe some […]

By S Our experience and thoughts on Cambodia should be marked with a giant asterisk *opinions formed under extreme heat duress*. We spent six days in Cambodia in the beginning of April.  According to Lonely Planet’s website, “April and May spells hot season [in Cambodia], when the mercury hits 40°C and visitors melt.” Spot on, […]

By S Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal, after Kathmandu, but other than that, it is nothing like Kathmandu. While Kathmandu was chaotic, dirty, congested, and a sensory overload waiting to happen, Pokhara is a peaceful (located on a lake), spacious (sidewalks!), and relaxed city nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. The […]

By D In case you missed it.. Thamel Three Pass Trek – Part 1 As promised in the last post, we will now describe the nitty gritty details of our Nepal trek: the Three Pass Trek (TPT). We completed the TPT in a counter-clockwise loop. We decided to go counter-clockwise because we had read it […]

By D In case you missed it.. Thamel Three Pass Trek – Part 2 Before we left on our trip, people would ask me what I was looking forward to most. My answer was always Nepal. Specifically, trekking in Nepal. I have had an odd obsession with the mountains in Nepal for awhile now. I […]

By S Way back before we started on this trip, Danielle and I considered ourselves runners. We participated in races and everything. Within the running community there is a common phrase – ‘hitting the wall’. Typically, this phrase is used to describe the ‘oh sh*t’ feeling you experience when the ‘I can’t do this anymore’ […]