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Thailand | Bangkok

By S Ok. Bangkok. As we mentioned in our ‘announcement’ post, we did practically zero planning prior to arriving in Bangkok. We had a hostel booked. That’s it. We weren’t sure where we were staying (yeah, we had a hostel, but we had no idea where it was) or what types of things we wanted […]

Thailand | Arrival and Nothing Else

By S We are a little under one week into our trip and are still going back and forth on how we want to do this whole blogging thing. One city per post? One week per post? One month per post? The options are endless! (dividing by two and whatnot…) While we decide, I have prepared […]

Only Five Pairs of Underwear

By D We made it! We’re here! We spent yesterday exploring Bangkok, but we will get more into that later. It is currently 3:30am, and we are wide awake due to jetlag. Perfect time to get a little bit of blogging done, right? Before we left on the trip, we received many questions of what […]