Thailand | Arrival and Nothing Else

By S

We are a little under one week into our trip and are still going back and forth on how we want to do this whole blogging thing. One city per post? One week per post? One month per post? The options are endless! (dividing by two and whatnot…)

While we decide, I have prepared a video of our scintillating journey from the United States to Bangkok. As Danielle mentioned in our previous post, we are now the owners of a GoPro. She calls it an ‘impulse’ purchase. Bollocks I say.

Either way, my video editing skills prior to this trip were limited to the telenovelas (Spanish soap opera) I helped to create for Spanish class in the sixth and seventh grades. Our big accomplishment in this telenovela was splicing the nuclear bomb explosion scene from ‘The Sum of All Fears’ into the middle of our film (Side note – Don’t feel obligated to watch Sum of All Fears to understand this reference. I completely forgot the name of the movie. The google search phrase I used to figure it out was, “movie where terrorists explode a nuclear weapon in a football stadium.” That’s really all you need to know.)

PS – 6th and 7th grade amigos. I’m not sure if you all are reading this, but if you are AND you have a copy of our telenovelas please let me know.

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